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We grant you the best way to invest in your future. Maybe you are not a millionaire tomorrow, but you will be taught thoroughly how to trade so that you could live the kind of life you always dreamed.

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The main purpose of our lessons is to furnish you with the proper skills of a winner. Our courses are destined: for those who do not know enough to start trading, for those who lost enough money using bad strategies, for those who gained some profit but not enough to balance the losses.



Learn the principles to unlock the financial markets' huge potential.

  • Learning the products that can be traded on financial markets;
  • Learning the special terms commonly used across trading platforms;
  • Revealing the most commonly made mistakes and how to avoid them;
  • And many more details are here for you to discover.


Use specialized tools to analyse price movements efficiently.

  • Explaining the essential analysis and the tools it uses;
  • Explaining the technical analysis and how it discloses trading opportunities;
  • Using time-tested chart patterns and indicators;
  • And many more details are here for you to discover.


Trade for your own benefit after gaining the skills to use a panoramic set of techniques you can apply for years to come.

  • Applying the Japanese candlestick patterns;
  • Applying the Fibonacci trading tools and Elliott wave theory;
  • How to utilize valid trading strategies;
  • And many more details are here for you to discover.


We consider ourselves to be one of the most trusted trading skills educators, making you our priority. Trading Steps' teaching approach is focused on learners' creativity, resilience and practical skills to improve their opportunities for employment or for trading financial markets. Trading Steps develops the course packages and utilises the diversity within its learners community to escalate the effectiveness of its teachings, and upgrade the experience for all learners.

Pricing / Packages

Our pricing scheme is pretty simple: choose between 3 packages that fit your need to learn



Basic pack

Trading Essentials Course

10 chapters to learn the essentials


Market News info

Market Research info

Market Signals

10 Lessons in about +60 pages

About 8 Hour Study Time



Technical pack

Technical Trading Course

11 detailed chapters to learn how to move to the next stage


Market News info

Market Research info

Market Signals

+20 main lessons in about +90 pages

About 12 Hours Study Time



Strategic pack

Strategic Trading Course for high rate success

22 detailed chapters to learn how to master trading like a pro


Individual psychology and Mass psychology dedicated chapters

Advanced Market News info

Advanced Market Research info

Market Signals

+22 detailed lessons with subchapters in about +260 pages

About 40 Hour Study Time



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