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Course Description

This advanced trading course is for the ones who want to have a strategic approach to the world of trading.
It is a complex 20 chapters trading course that will cover the technical parts, but also, maybe more important, the soft skills and the emotional aspect of trading.

Key concepts covered include:

1. Introduction
Psychology Is the Key
The Odds against You

2. Individual Psychology
Why Trade?
Reality versus Fantasy
Trading Psychology
Trading Lessons from AA
Losers Anonymous
Winners and Losers

3. Mass Psychology
What Is Price?
What Is the Market?
The Trading Scene
The Market Crowd and You
Psychology of Trends
Managing versus Forecasting

4. Currency Trading 101
What Is Currency Trading?
Speculating as an enterprise
Currencies as the trading vehicle
What Affects Currency Rates?
Fundamentals drive the currency market
Unless it’s the technicals that are driving the currency market
Or it may be something else
Developing a Trading Plan
Finding your trading style
Planning the trade
Executing the Trading Plan from Start to Finish

5. What Is the Forex Market?
Getting Inside the Numbers
Trading for spot
Speculating in the currency market
Getting liquid without getting soaked
Currencies and Other Financial Markets
Getting Started with a Practice Account

6. Understanding and Applying Market News and Information
Sourcing Market Information
The art of boarding a moving train
Taking the pulse of the market
Rumors: Where there’s smoke, there’s fire
Putting Market Information into Perspective: Focusing on Themes
Driving fundamental themes
Analyzing technical themes

7. Getting Down and Dirty with Fundamental Data
Finding the Data
Economics 101 for Currency Traders: Making Sense of Economic Data
The labor market
The consumer
The business sector
The structural
Assessing Economic Data Reports from a Trading Perspective
Understanding and revising data history
Getting to the core

8. Computerized Technical Analysis
Computers in Trading
Moving Averages
Moving Average Convergence-Divergence: MACD Lines and MACD-Histogram
The Directional System
Relative Strength Index

9. Volume and Time
Volume-Based Indicators
Force Index
Open Interest
Trading Timeframes

10. Getting to Know the Major Currency Pairs
The Big Dollar: EUR/USD
Trading fundamentals of EUR/USD
Trading behavior of EUR/USD
Tactical trading considerations in EUR/USD
East Meets West: USD/JPY
Trading fundamentals of USD/JPY
Price action behavior of USD/JPY
Tactical trading considerations in USD/JPY
Understanding Forex Positioning Data
How to interpret the data
The FX fix
Forex and regulation

12. Training and Preparing for Battle
Finding the Right Trading Style for You
Real-world and lifestyle considerations
Making time for market analysis
Technical versus fundamental analysis
Developing Trading Discipline
Taking the emotion out of trading
Managing your expectations
Keeping your ammunition dry

11. Trading Vehicles

13. Cutting the Fog with Technical Analysis
The Philosophy of Technical Analysis
What is technical analysis?
What technical analysis is not
Forms of technical analysis
Finding support and resistance
Waiting for confirmation

14. Identifying Trade Opportunities
Developing a Routine for Market Analysis
Performing Multiple-Time-Frame Technical Analysis
Identifying Support and Resistance Levels
Trend lines
Highs and lows
Congestion zones
Fibonacci retracements
Ichimoku levels

15. Risk-Management Considerations
Managing Risk Is More Than Avoiding Losses
Leverage amplifies gains and losses — and expectations
Knowing your margin requirements
Market liquidity, volatility, and gap risk
We have a winner here! Protecting your profits
Placing your orders effectively

16. Risk Management
Emotions and Probabilities
The Two Main Rules of Risk Control
The Two Percent Rule
The Six Percent Rule
A Comeback from a Drawdown

17. Pulling the Trigger
Getting into the Position
Buying and selling at the current market
Averaging into a position
Trading breakouts
Making the Trade Correctly
Buying and selling online
Placing your orders

18. Closing the Position and Evaluating Your Results
Closing Out the Trade
Taking profit and stopping out
Setting it and forgetting it: Letting the market trigger your order
Squaring up after events have happened
Exiting at the right time
Getting out when the price is right
Assessing Your Trading Strategy
Identifying what you did right and wrong
Updating your trading record

19. Ten Habits of Successful Currency Traders
Trading with a Plan
Anticipating Event Outcomes
Staying Flexible
Being Prepared for Trading
Keeping Technically Alert
Going with the Flow/Trading the Range
Focusing on a Few Pairs
Protecting Profits
Trading with Stop Losses
Watching Other Markets

20. Ten Rules of Risk Management
Trade with Stop-Loss Orders
Leverage to a Minimum
Trade with a Plan
Stay on Top of the Market
Trade with an Edge
Step Back from the Market
Take Profit Regularly
Understand Currency-Pair Selection
Double-Check for Accuracy
Take Money out of Your Trading Account

21. Good Record-Keeping
Your Daily Homework
Creating and Scoring Trade Plans
Trade Journal

We believe this is one of the most complete courses on the market that will help you get all the relevant and important information you need to become a successful trader. Enjoy!

Price: $999.00 You are not yet enrolled in this course. Buy now this course